Appointments or more information call 03 313 2369 or email via the contact page.

NCX has significantly reduced fees for ACC exams for all valid Community Service Card holders and children under 14 – see Fees page

Make sure you have everything required for your x-ray.  We normally run to time, so please arrive at the clinic in good time to complete registration.

For your examination, you will be in the hands of a very experienced Radiographer, who will greet you and re-check details of the x-ray.

Your x-ray/s and reports are all digitised and stored electronically. Only authorised people have access to these.

north canterbury xray reception

We strive to make your visit to NCX as convenient and easy as possible – the clinic is located in the High Street in Rangiora – parking and access is convenient. We cater for wheelchair access.

Your Appointment

  • We normally run to time so we appreciate that you please arrive at the clinic in good time.
  • Please bring all relevant paper-work – eg. appointment letter / referral form / ACC claim documentation (you may have no paperwork if your Doctor has already referred your details electronically).
  • Your x-ray may take less than 10 minutes or up to around 45 minutes.
  • You are welcome to bring a carer or family member to accompany you to our clinic – however, this person will not be able to enter the x-ray rooms during your examination.

Patient Registration

The NCX receptionist will check and register your details and confirm the x-ray examination. The receptionist will inform you of the cost (if any) for your examination. Please read the signs at reception regarding Privacy and Payment at NCX.

Your x-ray Exam

  • For your examination, you will be in the hands of a very experienced Radiographer (or Medical Radiation Technologist), who will greet you and re-check details of the x-ray.
  • If appropriate, the Radiographer will check that the patient is not pregnant.
  • If you are required to remove any clothing, there are private change cubicles and you may be provided with a gown.
  • The Radiographer will accompany you to the x-ray room and position you and the x-ray machine to obtain the best quality x-rays. You may be required to lie on the x-ray table, sit or stand as appropriate.
  • Your exam may take between 10 minutes for a straight-forward procedure (limb / digit) and up to 45 minutes for a more complex exam or multiple body regions.
  • The Radiographer will tell you when the exam is completed, before you return to the change area and Reception.

north canterbury xray head and neckYour x-rays and report

  • Your x-ray/s and report are all digitised and stored electronically. Only authorised people can access the information systems which hold all the images, Radiologists' reports and other sensitive data related to patients. (See Privacy and Security policies).
  • Your x-ray image is viewed and reported as soon as possible by a qualified Radiologist at Horizon Radiology.
  • Your image is immediately available to your own Referrer (normally your GP) who can view your x-ray in their surgery.
  • The Radiologist’s report of your x-ray is delivered electronically to your Referrer, normally within 24 hours of your examination. In special or urgent circumstances, your report can be made available in less than an hour.


Payment for your examination is required at completion of your examination. The receptionist will provide you with a full invoice / receipt.

Payment can be made by EFTpos or credit card, or by cash/cheque.

Re-visiting Your Doctor / Referrer / Specialist

You need to re-visit your Referrer / GP to discuss your x-ray and report and receive further treatment or advice as appropriate.

Location, Parking & Hours

parking map

NCX is located at 237c High Street, in the centre of Rangiora, next to the Waimakariri District Council buildings (see the map below). Parking in the main WDC car-park is convenient, at the back of our clinic. Some short-stay parking may be available right outside the entrance to NCX on High Street. We cater for wheelchair access.

Our normal hours are Monday – Friday, 9.00am to 5.00pm

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