Appointments or more information call 03 313 2369 or email via the contact page.

NCX has significantly reduced fees for ACC exams for all valid Community Service Card holders and children under 14 – see Fees page

We provide a full range of x-ray examinations right in the heart of North Canterbury.

Your own Doctor will determine what x-ray you require and provide you with an x-ray referral form.

Give us a call or drop in and see us.

X-ray Service

North Canterbury X-ray provides a full range of general medical x-ray examinations right in the heart of North Canterbury, in Rangiora. Working closely with all the local North Canterbury GPs - from Cheviot, to Hanmer, to Kaiapoi and through to Oxford - this clinic provides our community with up-to-the-minute, professionally-delivered Radiography without the need to travel into Christchurch. We also work closely with the Canterbury District Health Board who support us treating patients in a timely manner within our own community.


General Medical x-ray

NCX undertakes all general medical x-rays referred by your GP / Specialist or other qualified health professional utilising the very latest equipment and highly trained staff to meet your needs – from a fractured little finger through to a full skeletal examination.

Immigration x-ray

Immigration New Zealand (INZ) has certified North Canterbury X-ray to perform immigration x-rays.  (We are part of the Onshore Panel Physicians network).

If you also wish to have your full immigration medical examination locally, book into Medical Corner Doctors at 237 High Street in Rangiora who have similar INZ certification.  We liaise closely with them for processing immigration applications.

Record Storage

After your examination, your X-ray and associated report are stored securely, electronically. Only authorised people can access the information systems which hold all the images, Radiologists' reports and other sensitive data related to patients. (See Privacy and Security policies).

Normal Patient Procedure to Obtain an x-ray

Consultation with your Doctor

Firstly, you will always need to visit your own Doctor, Specialist or other Health Professional before an x-ray can be performed.

Your own Doctor will determine what x-ray you require and either provide you with an x-ray Referral form or refer you electronically.

Funding Options

Your Doctor will discuss with you the treatment options below:

  • ACC (Accident Compensation Corporation)

    If you have an injury that is being treated by your Doctor under an ACC claim, then NCX will normally also provide your x-ray under ACC – the cost is largely paid for by ACC but the patient pays a smaller surcharge at the time of examination.  You must provide your ACC claim number when registering at NCX.

  • Community Referred Radiology (CRR)

    CRR is fully funded through the Canterbury District Health Board. Your Doctor will determine whether you qualify for your x-ray under this funding scheme. There may be a waiting time of up to 4 weeks for your appointment at NCX – this time period is not controlled by NCX.

  • Private

    Your Doctor will advise you as to whether the best option for you is to be seen privately at NCX. If so, the patient pays the full cost of treatment.  Private Medical Insurance schemes may cover the full or part cost of the x-ray exam or none at all, depending on the policy type you have and your circumstances - you are advised to speak to your own insurance provider for further clarification.   NCX will provide you with a full and detailed receipt.

    NCX is an Affiliate Provider for Southern Cross.

  • Immigration x-ray

    The patient pays the full cost of any immigration x-rays.

Booking an Appointment

If your Doctor has given you an x-ray Referral form for you to arrange to have done, you should then contact NCX directly to book a convenient appointment, often the same or next day if required – please call by phone or drop in to see our receptionist to arrange an appointment in person. Your Doctor / Clinic may help you arrange an appointment.

For cases deemed urgent by your Doctor, a more immediately appointment may be arranged at NCX.

NCX offers appointments from 9.15 am through to near 4.45 pm, Monday to Friday (excepting Statutory holidays).

Your Visit to NCX

  • We normally run to time so we appreciate that you please arrive at the clinic in good time.

  • Please bring all relevant paper-work (for example; appointment letter, x-ray Referral form, valid ACC claim form [if applicable]). Our reception staff will complete your registration, carefully checking all your personal details and the examination required.

  • The Duty Radiographer will receive you into the changing area and x-ray room and provide a gown if necessary. Your x-ray may take less than 10 minutes or up to 45 minutes.

Re-visiting your Doctor / Referrer

Your x-ray is available electronically immediately to your Doctor and a full report arrives with your Doctor within 24 hours. In urgent cases, a report is made available within the hour. You must re-visit your Doctor to obtain your results and, if appropriate, receive any further medical treatment.

Urgent Medical Treatment in Your Own Community

Your local Doctor and the Canterbury District Health Board, working with NCX, can normally prioritise urgent cases (your Doctor will determine whether your treatment is urgent).  We may be able to provide an almost immediate service.  We aim to treat patients within our own community - nearer to home and family - without the need for visiting a Christchurch clinic or hospital. 

Location, Parking & Hours

parking map

NCX is located at 237c High Street, in the centre of Rangiora, next to the Waimakariri District Council buildings (see the map below). Parking in the main WDC car-park is convenient, at the back of our clinic. Some short-stay parking may be available right outside the entrance to NCX on High Street. We cater for wheelchair access.

Our normal hours are Monday – Friday, 9.00am to 5.00pm

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