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We're here in Rangiora, working with your own local GP, to provide everyone in the North Canterbury community with a modern, professional x-ray clinic.

NCX is a privately owned business established in Rangiora in 2000 to bring x-ray services into the heart of our community.

During your visit to NCX, our 'Team’ is dedicated to looking after you and ensuring the very best x-ray imaging to aid your doctor in diagnosis and treatment.

Serving the North Canterbury Community

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North Canterbury X-ray (NCX) was founded to bring an essential medical service right into our local community.

Medical X-ray is an essential diagnostic ‘tool’ for our Doctors – both GPs and Specialists. Where once your Doctor would have referred you to a clinic in Christchurch, the same facility and service using the most modern technology is now well-established in Rangiora in the heart of our community.

NCX has made considerable investment in ensuring that the clinic offers a service as good as anywhere in Christchurch with a fully digitised x-ray suite and ultra-fast communications that allow your GP to have access to your x-ray just moments after your images are taken in our clinic.

And most importantly, North Canterbury doctors work closely with NCX to ensure that the service offered is responsive to the needs of everyone in our local community.

Routine x-ray results - both the images and report - requested by your GP to aid diagnosis are available the next working day and in urgent cases within just hours of seeing your Doctor.

At NCX we want to treat every patient as a ‘local’ - working hard to deliver to you a professional service and high-quality x-ray imaging and reporting.

NCX - and our Associates

NCX is a privately owned business established in Rangiora in 2000 to bring x-ray services right into our community.

Many people will recall ‘the old days’ when x-ray films – those ghostly black and white pictures - were chemically processed at our clinic, sent into Christchurch for viewing and reporting and a day or two later, a patient could collect their films and results from our clinic and go back to their doctor.

Those days have well and truly gone – modern x-ray at NCX is a complex meeting of the latest high-quality radiographic technology, ultra-fast communications and on-line secure information storage so that your x-ray and results are available electronically on the screen right on the desktop of your own doctor and other qualified health professionals.

And when needed for urgent cases, these results can be provided in minutes allowing your Doctor to initiate appropriate, timely treatment.

In order to bring this state-of-the-art x-ray radiography to our rural NZ community, NCX is affiliated to one of NZ’s largest Radiography service providers, Horizon Radiology based in Auckland.

At Horizon, a team of dedicated Radiologists – highly trained medical specialists - view, diagnose and report x-rays from NCX (and from other clinics all around the country). Horizon’s secure electronic storage system ensures that your images can be made available at any time to authorised medical personnel in surgeries, our hospitals or in Specialist out-clinics around the country to ensure you receive the best treatment available.

NCX Staff

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Our staff are part of your community.

All the staff at NCX have a long-established association with North Canterbury - most living right here in the immediate area – and all our Radiographers have been part of the NCX success story from its very beginning in 2000.

During your visit to NCX, our ‘Team’ is dedicated to looking after you and ensuring the very best x-ray imaging to aid your doctor in diagnosis and treatment.

The team has vastly experienced Radiographers – all with over 30 years of working in this medical speciality both in our public hospitals and the private sector - combined with welcoming and caring reception staff.

All our Radiographers are trained and qualified within NZ and receive on-going medical education to ensure complete familiarity with the latest radiographic techniques and equipment.

All our staff are friendly and approachable – please enquire if you need help or more information.

Location, Parking & Hours

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NCX is located at 237c High Street, in the centre of Rangiora, next to the Waimakariri District Council buildings (see the map below). Parking in the main WDC car-park is convenient, at the back of our clinic. Some short-stay parking may be available right outside the entrance to NCX on High Street. We cater for wheelchair access.

Our normal hours are Monday – Friday, 9.00am to 5.00pm

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